Arthur Carmazzi Personal Website

This is the documented accomplishments and life of Arthur Carmazzi, renowned Author, Motivational Change Leadership Speaker and Trainer, Inventor, Designer, Architect and Philanthropist Arthur’s past contains a number of events that shaped him to become the man he is today: a respected and well known author, motivational speaker and founder of the Directive Communication™ Methodology, a psychology based work place training and enhancemnt disipline.
He is also the designer of one of the world’s most advanced Laptop/Tablet bags, architect of his unique Avalon Resort built into the cliffs in Bali, and founder of the Arthur Carmazzi foundation to help youth achieve the potential.
On this site you will find everything you ever wanted to know (and probably some things you Don't want to know) about Arthur, his accomplishments, his personal life, never before seen photos, and how he uses the Directive Communication Methodology every day to cultivate his business and his amazing lifestyle.

The stories and articles found throughout this website will not be the standard resume type of details; they are stories about Arthur's life, professional and personal, as seen through the eyes of different friends, reporters and journalists.